Top 10 “research database” sites to extract the base paper

Research Database site

Research is the backbone of every paper that needs to be filled with intellectual thoughts and ideas presented in writing taking tons of information from all over the internet. Sometimes it becomes hectic when students have to provide assignments, Ph.D. dissertation writing, thesis, or any other academic papers with complete knowledge and the most essential part is where they have to cite the references they have studied or studied from reliable resources and databases.

Databases are the source of light for students when it comes to researching anything because they provide the most compatible and highly qualified scholars and journalists writing authentic information to be consumed by the readers as they are experts in their respective fields.

These databases give students a helping hand so that they can gather authentic information without roaming around all over the place consuming time and collecting required information using intense tools.

In this blog, whoever wants to do research and wants to know from where they can get extensive information looking for genuine research database sites reading this will help you get to the right spot.

Importance of Research Databases in Academic and Professional Settings:

Research databases always play a significant part in an academic or professional setting because they promote receiving a wide variety of knowledge that gives one the privilege to innovate and contribute to their field and work accordingly. These databases enhance the value of research and provide facilities that enhance the process.

The following are the key points on the importance of research databases you need to know:

  • Vast information access
  • Provides efficiency to literature review
  • Credible and quality information
  • Collaboration on a common ground
  • Up-to-date content
  • Advanced search functionalities
  • Decision-making support
  • Data and statistical analysis platform
  • Facility of learning
  • The base of the original research

Top 10 Free Online Research Databases for Academic Researchers:

It is not an easy job to find the best research databases online which can be available to you for free. There are so many online resources that require fees and paywalls which gives a blow to the research students and burden them with their subscriptions. Suppose you need ACCA thesis help and finding the databases requires a fee you can’t afford your research would face a huge downfall.

But, don’t worry here are the top 10 free online research databases where you can find authentic information without paying a hefty amount.

Google Scholar:

Google Scholar is one of the best research databases considered by the researchers themselves. You can search, and get access to tons of information and papers from authentic resources. You can explore citations, topic-related exploration, and keep yourself up to date with recent developments all can be done here.


CORE is a free treasure in the research area where you can access about 66 million+ open articles. You will be able to find authors and journalists with their authentic publications and you can grab any information and turn it in at your convenience and want.

Public Library of Science:

Your academic research will take a smooth turn with access to PLOS which is a well-known online organization and is a non-profit research database and most of the articles are free.


With whooping articles of 28 million, ScienceOpen is an advanced research database, there is a free registration option after which you can access these notorious science journals and articles.

Social Science Research Network:

If you are a humanities and social science student then this is the best research option for you to utilize. You would need to become a member to access the 84k+ research papers. You can also interact with the scholars on this site from the entire world.

Directory of Open Access Journals:

With 2 million articles you will be able to find data in abundance and it is considered the most credible site which gives free information and access because of the high-quality journals it publishes and provides to the researchers. The students of science, medicine, technology, humanities, and social science can avail this opportunity.


For all science and medical students this is a research hub where they can access millions of citations and it is for free not demanding paywalls and hefty fees for subscription.

E-Theses Online Service:

Containing millions of doctoral thesis this research database stands tall among others providing theories where you can filter your search as well according to your search the results will be made accordingly to be precise.

BioMed Central:

This is one of the favorite research databases for students related to biology, health, and clinical medicines helping them earn their ideas through a tremendous amount of high-quality articles that can be accessed through searching on its browser.

Bielefeld Academic Search Engine (BASE):

The 90 million documents await your visit with thousands of sources which you can utilize for your research and the access is not entirely free but half of the research would be and you will get valued information from here for sure.

Craft Your Work With these Research Databases to Make it Shine:

Researching is the most important part of writing academic documents or any professional work you will do. It requires efforts and sources by which you can add your insights and you can do that when you have that depth of information. The above research databases will provide you the best and authentic information with credible sources having articles and journals of authors that are highly educated and have an in-depth knowledge of their respective fields. You can craft your work with these research databases and make your document shine with the rays of credible information.